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The Smarter SMB’s Guide To Ransomware

SMB Guide to Recovery and Protection from Ransomware

Ransomware has become a serious epidemic affecting businesses of all sizes, and protecting your company is more essential than ever before as the number of ransomware attacks continues to rise. A recent U.S. Government interagency report indicates that, on average, there have been 4,000 daily ransomware attacks since early 2016 — a 300-percent increase over the 1,000 daily ransomware attacks reported in 2015.

Data Protection Paper

8 Ways To Protect Your Company from Zero Day Attacks

What are zero day exploits/attacks exactly? These are threats that are released into the cyber jungle before security vendors can issue a protection (patch) for them. These malicious programs can attack by targeting vulnerabilities in your application or operating system. But why are they called “Zero-Day attacks”? Because the organizations responsible for security updates have been aware of the threat for zero days before the first attack.

Network Security Infographic

10 Tips to Tighten your Network Security

What is the first line of defense when it comes to cyber attacks and intruders? You guessed it! Your network will always be your first line of defense. Keeping it secure should be your top priority! In this infographic, you will get 10 quick tips on how to secure your network!

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Why SMB Owners Are Demanding Managed Services

More and more SMB’s are shifting to a managed services model for several reasons. In this guide, we will show you the main reasons that owners are embracing a managed services economy!

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