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AWS and Azure VDI Consulting and Services

ReadyNetworks provides a wide range of VDI related services as well as being a full stack Cloud Development and Cloud Managed Service Provider. This allows us to not only design and deploy but also utilize best practices around networking, security, compliancy, and monitoring of your cloud environment. Below are a few of our VDI related services. If there is a VDI or Cloud based solution you are looking for that is not included, please contact us. We do a lot more than what is listed and have no issue customizing any solution to your specific needs and infrastructure.

Design & Deployment Service
Give your workforce the mobility and agility to work from anywhere with no compromise to your network security. ReadyNetworks uses best practice and experienced approach to deploy VDI solutions.

Proof of Concept VDI
Want to go for a test drive? ReadyNetworks can create a Proof-of-Concept implementation of Azure VDI or AWS VDI designed for your specific use case.

VDI Workshops
ReadyNetworks will run customized workshops showing your IT engineers how to use Best Practice approaches to solve real world problems or deficiencies in your current VDI implementations.

Legacy Desktop Migrations
Cloud migrations are one of ReadyNetwork’s strengths. Migrate your on-premise desktops to Cloud based VDI on either AWS and Azure Cloud Platforms and give your workforce the mobility to work remote and secure from anywhere.

Single Sign On (SSO) Experience for VDI
ReadyNetworks has partnered with OneLogin to bring an improved experience to your workforce in both terms of ease of use and security.

Endpoint Management and Protection
ReadyNetworks provides end point protection to secure all devices that have access to your network using advanced cybersecurity techniques. This is not just virus protection of a firewall. This is a full SOCaaS (Security Operations Center as a Service) solution.

ReadyVDI is the Secure, Enterprise Grade, Ready VDI Deployment Solution.

Give your workforce the mobility and agility to work from anywhere with no compromise to your network security.

ReadyVDI Improves on the Traditional VDI experience

VDI implementation can take several months, is complex, and is expensive. Consultants, proof of concepts, finding the right software, servers, and storage solutions can be costly on many levels to an organization. Especially, when they need move fast to empower their workforce to be fully capable and at the same time working remotely. ReadyNetwork’s ReadyVDI solves these technical hurdles and goes many steps further.

What is ReadyVDI?

ReadyVDI is an experienced approach towards VDI deployment which has been streamlined for quick turnaround times with out sacrificing quality or security.

But most importantly, ReadyVDI empowers your employees to use any device, anywhere on the planet, and access their full desktop computing environment securely.

ReadyVDI Highlights

  • AWS and Microsoft Azure competencies and best practice utilization
  • Experienced practitioners of Cloud Compliance – GDPR, GBLA, HIPAA, PHI, PII, PCI DSS, FedRAMP
  • Can overlay security solutions such as SSO, MFA, and cyber threat detection and response
  • O365 Certified Microsoft Vendor
  • Cloud Migration and additional Professional Services available

Advantages of VDI

  • Work From Home (WFH). Or anywhere. VDI allows users to connect to your company’s network and work from anywhere, anytime, and on almost any device with an Internet connection.
  • Centralize device maintenance. For example, updating devices becomes simple and Ready way – no need to go on-site, or having to transfer large amounts of data across the network. Simply deploy across the bank of device images.
  • Horizontal scaling allows the addition or removal of storage and CPU (physical resources) to meet your company’s need. When managed effectively, this can result in cost savings due to not over or under utilizing consumption costs. Use only what you need.
  • Secured environment. You can get as granular as needed when setting user permissions. Network security protocols get passed on to your users regardless of what device they are using. Strong encryption prevents, even, compromised end user devices from seeing into the VDI communication tunnel.

If you are looking for the path towards a professional, secure, and Ready rollout of VDI across your company let’s talk.