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Rise Above: What We Learned at Cloud Summit

ReadyNetworks recently had the pleasure of attending Cloud Summit 2017. It was an event put on by Ingram Micro. The theme was “Rise Above”. It was an event to learn what’s new, what’s trending and what’s on the horizon in the world of cloud computing.

Here we learned:

  1. IoT and industry trends
  2. Platform disruption and the “next wave”.
  3. How to help clients with cloud through automation and innovation
  4. The added benefits of shifting to the cloud from legacy on-premise infrastructure

The good news is that cloud is NOT slowing down. The power of cloud computing is only growing and companies are harnessing it in ways that are allowing them to stay competitive and profitable. But as cloud computing continues to grow, so will the complexities and need for added security. This is where the need to partner with an experienced MSP comes in handy. Not all MSP’s are created equally as we quickly learned. Some have not fully invested in the cloud yet. Others are too focused on their current set of clients who are using on-premise legacy technology. As technology continues to evolve and new software companies emerge to make our lives easier, so must MSP’s. This is why it is imperative to partner with an MSP that is not only experienced with cloud environments, but one that has certifications around the top 3 cloud providers such as Google, AWS, and Microsoft.

Learning never ends. A good MSP is constantly staying educated and on top of the latest trends. Some may pass and others may be important components that can help partners gain a competitive advantage. Either way, knowledge continues to move at the speed of light. Or in this case, the speed of cloud.

Cloud Summit 2017
Cloud Summit 2017