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Small Business Technology: What Do You Really Need?


Small Business Technology: What Do You Really Need?

Business IT

What do you really need to run your business? How do you communicate with your clients and collaborate with your team? Who’s responsible for your website? Do you have any servers? Do you even need a server? If so, what kind? These questions, and plenty more, are all things you’ve probably thought about before, and they’re all related to Small Business Technology. It’s confusing stuff, but it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s talk about a few of the high-level Small Business Technology concepts you should be aware of when you’re thinking about day-to-day operations, systems upgrades, maintenance, and/or new offices.

Network Infrastructure: This includes everything that allows your devices to communicate with one another and to the Internet. The cable that connects your computer to the wall, or the wireless network you connect to, isn’t the end of the story. There’s a whole collection of hardware (routers, switches, cables) all humming away out of sight.

Computers: Whether you’re using laptops or desktops, Macs or PCs, keyboards or touch screens, you need a way to create, collaborate, invoice and communicate. These pieces of technology are your vehicles, but you’re still navigating. Choose a system you’re comfortable with and one that best fits your software requirements.

Servers: Email. Backups. Network Attached Storage. SQL. Sharepoint. Web. The servers you utilize depend on your specific needs, but don’t be intimidated by the overhead. Many of these needs can be fulfilled with third-party, cloud based solutions.

Digital: Website. eCommerce. Social Media. Marketing. SEO. Just because you can’t physically touch these pieces of small business technology doesn’t mean they aren’t just as important to your business operations as every other aspect of technology.

What’s left? Plenty. Technology evolves on a daily basis, so there will always be something else to think about. What are you losing sleep over right now? What else is on your list of Small Business Technology basics? Need help? Let us know in the comments below.