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When Passwords Attack! (Be Protected with Microsoft’s Single Sign-on!)

In this episode, Marlon, the IT guy, comes to the rescue as the CEO of Tailspin Toys, Helen, has forgotten the password to one of her applications during a pitch meeting. How many times has that happened to you? Hopefully not too many! I can tell you that I tend to forget a password to at least one of my 25 accounts, per month! Lucky for me, it’s usually for online banking or Instagram and I’m able to recover it fairly quick. But what about applications that you need to quickly access for mission critical work? What if you are, in fact, in a company meeting or giving a presentation and you have several passwords that you need to remember in order to have a successful presentation? Microsoft’s EMS can help with single sign-on! Let us be your Marlon and help implement single sign-on to prevent sticky situations during meetings!