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Lessons From The World Cup: Wi-Fi Password Security

Lessons From The World Cup: Wi-Fi Password Security IT Security Wi-Fi is almost as ubiquitous in this country as water on the table. Starbucks, McDonald’s, ...

Facebook Lock Outs; Why You Should Communicate With Your Customers

If Facebook had published a post that everyone could see, or sent one message on Twitter, or reached out to one of the countless journalists they know just to let someone, anyone know that the application was having issues and they were looking into it, this wouldn’t be a big deal.

Change Doesn’t Have To Be Bad

One of the largest underlying objectives of this OSX update was to bring it closer to the iOS experience. And that brings us to our point: Don’t be afraid of change: I had a business professor a long time ago that was famous for his appropriation of this Mark Twain Quote...