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A Brighter Future… (Microsoft’s EMS Suite)

In the final episode of Microsoft’s EMS suite, we are posed with an interesting situation that a lot of companies have to face. Marlon receives a phone call from Helen, the CEO, notifying him that Glen has just found out that his employee, Kelly, has gone to their biggest competitor. Kelly had access to all of their customer information as well as internal company pricing. Big problem right? Not so much. Remember that in the last episode we discussed how application management prevented employees from transferring data to their personal devices? Step one has already worked. But how can Marlon ensure the safety of their data? He has the ability to remotely wipe her devices. With a click of a button, he is able to wipe all of the business information and apps that were on her Android device and revoke all future access. And just like that, Helen was able to retain all of her companies sensitive information. ReadyNetworks can help ensure your company information stays where it belongs by deploying Microsoft EMS.