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A Hidden Menace… (Secure BYOD Environments, Mobile App Management)

In the third episode, Marlon gets a phone call from Glen who is a team leader praising the fact that his team can work remotely from their personal devices but is concerned about keeping sensitive business information private. The good news is that they are using Mobile Application Management in order to protect all sensitive information from being transferred to their personal devices. It keeps personal business data under control when being used on an employee’s personal device. Later that day, one of the employees tries to copy and paste some data from OneDrive for Business to a note on her iPad. The application does not let her proceed. Microsoft EMS prevented her from transferring sensitive data to her personal device. Many companies are starting to move to a BYOD (Bring your own device) environment due to productivity gains and cost savings. But with cost savings, comes the risk of losing some control over sensitive company information, which is why Mobile Application Management has become so important. ReadyNetworks can help you keep all of your company mobile devices secured!