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Managing Software Licenses

Empowering MSPs with Six.One: Revolutionizing Microsoft Software License Management

In the dynamic landscape of technology, navigating Microsoft software licenses can be challenging. This is where our innovative platform, Six.One, steps in, providing a holistic solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to oversee their clients’ Microsoft software licenses, subscriptions, and Azure usage.

License Management Redefined

Six.One offers license management capabilities that surpass those available in Microsoft’s Partner Center. This means you can not only centralize all your clients’ Microsoft software licenses but also streamline renewals, upgrades, and license assignments with ease.

Our intuitive user interface enables you to swiftly locate the product and define the SKU, billing term, billing frequency, quantity, and discount parameters in a single, straightforward dialog. Want to input a complete product part number? No worries. The system will automatically configure the required SKU, term, and frequency for you.

Have diverse credit terms and discount requirements? We’ve got you covered. Simply set these options in Six.One and assign them to customer groups once. All subsequent orders will comply with these parameters.

You’ll discover familiar features from your experiences with Microsoft Partner Center, like end-date alignment, as well as unique features not available there, such as alerts on existing subscriptions and product suspension.

In-Depth Invoice Generation

A standout feature of Six.One is its comprehensive invoice generation. Each month, you’ll receive an invoice detailing all your clients’ subscriptions and licenses. These detailed invoices offer valuable insights into the specific products your clients are utilizing. Moreover, they include numerous CSV files with even more detailed information that can be imported into your sales and accounting platforms.

We can also handle invoicing your clients for you. With a simple click, you can activate custom-branded invoices for any number of your clients, relieving you of the task of generating and delivering invoices.

Do your clients use Microsoft Azure for their cloud infrastructure? You can integrate their Azure usage into Six.One, enabling you to invoice them for their Azure consumption on the same invoice. A win-win situation.

Support for Legacy Software Subscriptions and Perpetual Software License Management

We recognize that not all of your clients have transitioned to the New Commerce Experience (NCE) yet. Six.Onesupports legacy subscriptions and perpetual (one-time) software licenses, in addition to Microsoft NCE subscriptions. This is particularly advantageous for businesses that have been operating for many years and have a mix of old and new software licenses.

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Six.One is a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that simplifies Microsoft software license management. By offering many of the same capabilities as Microsoft’s Partner Center, along with additional features like in-depth invoice generation and management of legacy software subscriptions and perpetual software license purchases, Six.One is truly a game-changer for MSPs. Embrace the power of Six.One and elevate your software license management to a level beyond your clients’ expectations.