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How we can help your business leverage the power of AI

Jumpstart the creative process and generate ideas while writing

With Copilot in Word, transform writing with efficiency and creativity.

  • Create first draft by referencing up to three documents
  • Rewrite sections or an entire document, or change the tone to refine existing documents
  • Receive suggestions to strengthen arguments, smooth inconsistencies
  • Save time and summarize text in lengthy documents
  • Discover information—for example, ask if there is a call to action

Stay focused on closing deals with an AI assistant for email

With Copilot in Outlook, stay on top of your inbox, manage meeting follow-ups, and create impactful communication in a fraction of the time.

  • Customize an email prompt with options for length and tone
  • Include people’s viewpoints in conversation summaries
  • Prepare for meetings with a meeting prep summary

Stay coordinated as a team to resolve more customer issues

With Copilot in Teams, stay organized and on top of all your chats, meetings, and calls.

  • Create new messages, meeting notes, table of ideas
  • Build agendas based on chat history transcripts from other meetings or calls
  • Discover answers to specific questions—such as what decisions were made—from chats or meetings

Simplify financial reporting and validating data quality

With Copilot in Excel, analyze, comprehend, and visualize data with ease.

  • Create new formula columns or insert charts
  • Insert pivot tables into new a sheet
  • Refine data by providing simple commands
  • Identify trends, create visualizations, or ask for recommendations with natural language queries

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is transforming work

Join us for our presentation on May 1st at 4pm EST where we will showcase many of the features of Copilot for Microsoft 365 and find out if your organization can benefit from the power of AI.

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