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Cloud Strategy

Reimagine your business through process transformation

Cloud Strategy

Every business is different and, therefore, needs different IT services. You need an IT services partner who understands your business. Our ReadyNetworks team of skilled IT strategy experts are ready to meet your needs for IT services and develop an IT strategy that supports your business priorities and drives successful digital transformation in the cloud era.

We take the time to listen and understand your business and your IT objectives. We inquire about your challenges, weak spots, and competitive position. We get to know your budget parameters, technology table stakes, and corporate priorities.

With this information, we can develop a strategic road map that aligns IT to the needs of your business, and also lays out strategic initiatives and priorities for their implementation.

Build Cloud Architecture that moves the competitive needle

We’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation of your short- and long-term technology needs, along with your readiness, capabilities, and opportunities for technology acquisition and related knowledge.

We can also assist you in building an IT architecture and cloud infrastructure that supports your digital transformation end to end, starting with your business objectives, through technology selection, and architecture implementation, management, and support.

  • Technology Assessment and Acquisition
  • Enterprise Cloud Architecture
Move from crisis to continuity

We’ll prepare your business for critical service disruptions with minimal impact and improve your organization’s ability to recover from disruptive events. Across your entire infrastructure—on-premises, data center, private cloud, and public cloud environments—our continuity and disaster recovery services minimize your risk and avoid costly incidents.

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Align your business processes and technology investments

We take a holistic, cross-functional approach to optimizing business processes and planning IT investments. We’ll map your IT requirements to your business dependencies and technology budget. We also offer comprehensive program and project management services throughout the entire IT lifecycle.

  • Business Process Optimization
  • Technology Budgeting and Expenses
  • Program and Project Management
Augment or fill gaps in your IT executive leadership

We provide strategic technology consulting on par with the role of a CIO or CTO. We’ll help you formulate IT goals, develop a cloud roadmap, plan your IT budget, rework business processes, and make technology recommendations. Providing IT leadership and expertise, we can help you strengthen your competitive edge and grow your business.

  • CIO and CTO (vCIO and vCTO) Support Services

ReadyNetworks will develop an IT strategy tailored to your business priorities and technology needs, helping your organization win in today’s fiercely competitive, cloud-based digital arena. Contact us for a free consultation