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A Brighter Future… (Microsoft’s EMS Suite)

In the final episode of Microsoft’s EMS suite, we are posed with an interesting situation that a lot of companies have to face. Marlon receives a phone call from Helen, the CEO, notifying him that Glen has just found out that his employee, Kelly, has gone to their biggest competitor. Kelly had access to all

A Hidden Menace… (Secure BYOD Environments, Mobile App Management)

In the third episode, Marlon gets a phone call from Glen who is a team leader praising the fact that his team can work remotely from their personal devices but is concerned about keeping sensitive business information private. The good news is that they are using Mobile Application Management in order to protect all sensitive

The Enemy Without… (How Multi-Factor Authentication Increases Security)

In the last episode, we saw how simplifying access to your applications can save time and headache through single-sign on. In this episode, we are going to tackle multi-factor authentication. This time, Andy is calling Marlon because he has been locked out of his admin account. Marlon sees that there has been a login attempt

When Passwords Attack! (Be Protected with Microsoft’s Single Sign-on!)

In this episode, Marlon, the IT guy, comes to the rescue as the CEO of Tailspin Toys, Helen, has forgotten the password to one of her applications during a pitch meeting. How many times has that happened to you? Hopefully not too many! I can tell you that I tend to forget a password to